Kilian Bochnig




I am a “T-shaped Designer” based in Muehldorf, Germany. “T-shaped” means that I have a broad understanding in various design-disciplines like film, motion graphics, illustration and photography, but at the same time have a deep knowledge in a specific design-field: Graphic Design. This skill gives me the ability to understand designers of other disciplines and eases the communication between them. The further experience of working in a team improved my self awareness and helped me develop skills in action planning. I am looking forward to the upcoming changes in the branding landscape and to create new approaches to existing problems. During my spare time I love to do sports like Football, Running and Weight Training which are one of the most important points in my life to get a balance between studying and my private life.


  • 2014 Talk About Chune | Talk Web Design | London
  • 2013 Internship Interaction design | Clearleft | Brighton
  • 2013 Tutor Infrastructure | University of Applied Sciences | Salzburg
  • Until now: Study Multimedia Art | University of Applied Sciences | Salzburg